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Mother’s Day

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Last Night’s game at Fenway was a fairly short fight between NY and Boston. The Sox had it goin’ on since the very beginning. We scored first…and often. Nice Mother’s Day gift for me, and the many mom-sicles out at the game on such a chilly May night.

Now the Evil Empire’s minions have slithered-out of our city….and life as an extremely fortunate sports town can resume again. Tonight’s matchup features John Lackey on the mound for the Sox vs. Toronto’s Brandon Morrow….leading-off a three game series that could elevate us into third place in the AL East, if played correctly.
Amidst Saturday night’s fiasco at Fenway, there were some noteable milestones and accomplishments worth mentioning.
Terry Francona is now soley in 3rd place in Red Sox record books, historically for managing his 1,004th game as a Red Sox manager, surpassing Bill Carrigan (1,003).
Boston Red Sox catcher Victor Martinez had his 1,000th career hit on Saturday in the 3rd inning…with a Homer !!
Mr. Jonathan Papelbon (Closer Extrordinaire) is tied for 1st place in the American League with 8 saves.
Tonight’s game is at Fenway Park….kicking-off a 3-game series with the Toronto Blue Jays. Game # 33 will begin at 7:10pm and be aired on NESN.

Bring It On . . . . . It’s Payback Time

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After a near-miraculous sweep of the Anaheim Angels this week at Fenway Park, the boys are riding high on a cloud. Let’s hope it lasts through the weekend, one that could have a significant impact on the Red Sox’s standing in the AL East. The Yanks rolled into Beantown last night on quite a winning streak of their own, they have won 7 of their last 8 games, and are in 2nd place in the tough-as-nails AL East standings as of right now. 


Where there’s a weakness in your opponent, there’s an advantage to you….use it ! The 2009 World Champs are without some very key players, due to injuries this series. A huge plus for the Sox (hey…you gotta take all you can get baby!). Yankee veteran Ace Andy Pettitte will not be pitching in this weekend’s series at Fenway due to injury, and Veteran Catcher Jorge Posada may not be catching (at least not Friday) due to a leg injury, and (OF) Curtis Granderson is out, and even Closer Supreme Mariano Rivera may not play due to soreness. Gifts like that don’t come along every day Tito…..use it to our advantage!

Our Awesome Beast Beckett will take the mound tonight against Yankee Phil Hughes, a very, very good pitcher in his own right. Obviously, he must be silenced by our bats…often. I am sure the flat screens at the park will be on the playoff games also being played tonight, celebrating Boston’s “Embarassment Of Riches” and allowing fans to keep up with the Celtics and Bruins scores throughout the night. Life is so good for Boston.

The weekend’s matchups (pitching-wise) are:
Friday    May 7th    7:10pm      Josh Beckett  vs.  Phil Hughes
Saturday    May 8th   3:10pm    Clay Buchholz  vs.  C.C. Sabathia
Sunday   May 9th   8:10pm      Jon Lester  vs.  A.J. Burnett

The next series follows right after (at Fenway) against the Toronto Blue Jays on May 10-12th.

What a great Spring weekend for sports fans in Boston & New England….enjoy !

– fenway fruitgirl 2010  (Behind The Net)





BeckTek.jpgThere’s a whole lot to be said about a safe place or a person whom you rely on to guide you or stear you through the right path to victory and salvation. That was taken away from our Ace Josh Beckett a couple of hours before gametime on Tuesday when he was to save the team and bring home a much needed W. The end result of last night’s game in Toronto was 10-9 Red Sox….but it was not an easy win to say the least!

From the start, our un-phaseable Beckett was not quite himself. His timing not quite right, or missing his spots, or Martinez not knowing his intricasies. It seemed Josh was not pleased with the results, and after allowing a steady stream of hits, was removed from the game a bit soon. If that happened to only ONE pitcher last night, it could be chaulked-up to being just an bad day….but our closer Jonathan Papelbon was also visibly shakey on the mound last night. Pap loaded the bases in the 8th, allowing 2 runs, and too many hits and close-calls in the 9th. Why would our prized stallions both be so unlike themselves ? What was missing from last night’s game ? Who ?

Jason Varitek’s name was scratched from last night’s roster because of a neck issue. The man has played about 75% of the season’s games so far and needed a day to heal. Not having him as their backstop removed their “Comfort Zone”. They could not even look to Farrell in the dugout for support, because he was absent from the park.

The hits came, from both sides. It was an exciting game with constant hits, and some of our bats were hotter than usual for a summer evening. In the end, Youkilis caught a pop-up to end the game for Pap, and put us up by 1/2 a game in the Wild Card Race.

Mr. Beckett, Mr. Lester, and Mr. Papelbon have a COMFORT ZONE in Mr. Varitek, and that should NOT be messed with. Every game counts now.

*Yankees won to the A’s and are still 7 games up on us, and Buchholz is pitching tonight against Halladay !*   Cross your fingers…   

– fenway fruitgirl