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August Victor Throw.jpgThe Boston Red Sox have had 52 players this season….so far, the most in the American League and only 3 behind the Pittsburgh Pirates with 55. (The Sox had 52 players last year too.) The team has used 25 pitchers so far this season, tied for the most in the American League with the Kansas City Royals.

There are currently 35 players on the Red Sox active roster: 17 pitchers,  4 catchers,  6 infielders,  7 outfielders,  1 Designated Hitter  (5 on the DL).
Tuesday night’s Sox/Orioles’ game at Fenway Park was Hideki Okajima’s 250th career MLB appearance. And our # 41 catcher Victor Martinez tops the American League for catchers with 73 RBI for the season (NL has Atlanta’s Brian McCann with the # 1 spot overall for catchers with 75 RBI so far this season). 
Hideki Okajima.jpgRed Sox 3B Adrian “The Enforcer” Beltre is only 1 shy of reaching 100 RBI this season. (He is 10th in the American League so far in 2010).
Cy Young candidate RHP for the Boston Red Sox’s Clay Buchholz is having a spectacular year on the mound. His ERA is 2.39 as of today, 3rd in MLB, 2nd in the American League. Tuesday’s game was his 9th start allowing ZERO earned runs….tied for the top spot in MLB this 2010 season !!
The 2010 is wrapping-up, and the Red Sox are currently still in the 3rd place spot in the American League East …. 8 games behind the leader (Yankees) and 6.5 games behind the Wild Card leader for the American League (Rays) with only 10 games left to be played in the 2010 regular season.
Clay's Ready.jpg 
Enjoy the remaining 10 games, for the sake of watching live baseball….cheer for your team and realize that this has been an extraordinary year of injuries and complications for the guys.
– fenway fruitgirl 2010  “BEHIND THE NET”    



August Bull Pen.jpgThe time is here, no time to waste…..the stakes are about as high as they can get in baseball for our Boston Red Sox.

It’s Do-Or-Die time in the next 10-12 games. Simple as that…..nuf ced Red Sox Nation !!

No-way are the Sox contenders for the top spot in the American League East, so the Wild Card race is our ONLY OPTION. Now we must rely on a familiar foe to assist us in this chess match, we need the New York Yankees to kick Tampa Bay butt in their next 7 games with them. The Yanks are going to keep winning, because they can. We need Tampa to lose. It’s not just enough for the Sox to win anymore, that’s not enough for us to get the job done. The Rays have to go down, and that’s all there is to it. Oh, and the Chicago White Sox need to lose a few and back off on this Wild Card race to the finish.

Asking a lot…..yeah, but it can happen….we’ve seen all the pieces miraculously come together before…..and it can happen again!

Lester and Beckett need to stablize, they’ve got to focus and get these wins. Buchholz needs to keep shining bright…there may be quite a reward at the end of this rainbow for him! Lackey and Matsuzaka need to show Red Sox Nation why they are being paid so much money, time to show what you’re made of & step-up! Wakefield needs to go back to the bull pen, no time left in this super-tight race to play honorary veteran….maybe on October 3rd.

Ortiz and Beltre need to stay healthy & keep eating their Wheaties, they are quite the Dynamic Duo & I hope to see them both on the 2011 roster. Varitek’s back and needs to hit the ground running (sorry, Captain…you are REALLY needed to hit like you did this spring) and Martinez has to hold it together and try to stay healthy-enough to get through these games in the home stretch….you’re not in Cleveland anymore! (Did not impress in 2009 postseason games vs. the Angels) Drew and Hall have to improve their at-bats, and make quality strategic hits more often…and we love those HR’s too. Lowrie and Scutaro need to keep chipping-away and focus on fielding. First Base….we need someone at first base!! Whether it is Martinez, Ortiz or Anderson…if Lowell cannot return….someone’s gotta do it!

The rest of the outfield…well, Terry will surely earn his pay this year, won’t he? Kalish and McDonald are my picks, but Patterson isn’t too bad either. The Bull Pen….geesh! Bard is not the super pitcher people make him out to be, he can cave-in a game just as much as his buddy Papelbon can (but for a lot less pay). I am liking Atchison, Bowden & Okajima, the others should pay attention!

New York and Tampa both also had a day off on Thursday, and are also playing games on the road – but they have tougher matchups than the Red Sox do. NY plays the Rangers in Texas, and the Rays play the Jays in Toronto while we (play well on the road in 2010) play the Oakland Athletics, then the Seattle Mariners on the West Coast.

The Time Is Now….We Have Our Fingers-Crossed For The Boston Red Sox. GO SOX!


Painted Dirt.jpg– fenway fruitgirl 2010  “BEHIND THE NET”



Enough Left In The Tank ??

…. to make it to the postseason ?


August 3 Amigos.jpg

Some things have to happen, and some things SHOULD happen to lead us in the right direction, and it’s getting pretty late in the season too. As of today, we have only 35 games left to the end of the regular season, and the Boston Red Sox are 5.5 games behind. I am not talking about overtaking 1st place….I am not insane.
But to make a bold move forward to grab the AL East wildcard spot, some things have to be pushed, and some shoving has to be done….and fast!
1. Yesterday we all heard about the Sox claiming Johnny Damon off waivers from Detroit. The deal still has to be made with the Tigers, but if they don’t want him….we could really use a veteran hustler wanting to make an impact to save his reputation in the game. The dude can work the outfield, and yeah, he can hit too. (Theo needs to make him grow his hair back a.s.a.p.) Now, if we could acquire Trot Nixon, Kevin Millar & Pedro Martinez…..the Cowboys can ride-in and get this party back on track!!!!!
2. Our Captain needs to get back to us real soon. Martinez has zero days off & it will start to show soon. Tek needs to hit the ground running and hit the ball like he did this spring. We all know he is an excellent catcher, one of the best in history I’d confidently say. I see him anxiously watching from his perch at the entrance of the Sox dugout…I know you want to be out there Jason.
3. King Beckett needs to regain his confidence and become the “Beast” we all know he can be. I know he is supremely capable of dominating the mound…and so does he.
4. Mikey Lowell and J. D. Drew need to stay healthy, and be dominant in the Sox lineup. Their presence in a game has been and will be KEY for the remainder of the season.
5. Utility Player Bill Hall is now a Key Player in the mix and needs to continue to shine. He has proven that he can hit the longball & play all over the field this season.
6. The kids that have been thrust into the bright lights have to keep it up, and even kick-it-up a notch into overdrive to get us past the Rays. These newbies are so important to our team, they have held things together during this unprecedented season of injuries.
How’s that for now ?? A lot has to go right….but we all know that it CAN HAPPEN.
Tigers Sox Win.jpg
– fenway fruitgirl 2010   “BEHIND THE NET”

Who Knew Interleague Would Be A Kick? (I Did)


Wake's Pitch.jpgMid-way through a slow-climbing season of baseball for the Boston Red Sox….appeared a gift


to my 2007 World Champion (2008 American League Divisional Winners) – matching-up against the National League is a GREAT way to rack-up a boat load of wins before going back to the almost mondane schedule of playing against their usual American League (East) counterparts. I love Interleague play, it allows me to see a real mix of teams playing eachother….a delightful change in baseball.

The Red Sox just completed a 9-game homestand of Interleague play, emerging extremely victorious at a 8 of 9 games won. Now the boys are about to embark on a 6 game road trip out west for the remainder of their 1st phase of Interleague play. Gone now are the Phillies, the Diamondbacks, and the Dodgers……on come the games vs. the Rockies and the Giants !!


June 2010 086 (2).jpgThe Red Sox crept quietly up the standings ladder as Tampa free-fell(only winning 3 out of their last 9 games), and the Yankees stumbled. The Yankees have yet to face the Diamondbacks and Dodgers in the coming 6 games(on the road), and the Rays will face the Padres and Diamondbacks(at home). So,unfortunately…I do expect the road ahead to get easier for the Rays – making the competition for the top spots in the AL East to get even tighter.

With very few games ahead to be played at Fenway Park in July (only 9)…so the boys – both young and old need to play hard and stay focused on the road. Godspeed boys, the hopes of a nation are behind you.


Manny Ramirez.jpg– fenway fruitgirl “BEHIND THE NET”  2010


10-Day Homestand

target field.jpg

After a tough game yesterday in Minneapolis, the Sox came home last night to cold, raw temps and the possibility of rain and snow for Friday night’s game.  What would’ve been a 190th win for veteran pitcher Tim Wakefield, in his 16th year in the major leagues….turned-out to be a shutout win for the Twins, and a disaster for the Sox.

Center fielder Mike Cameron had to go to the hospital in Minnesota for an abdominal strain & did not travel home with the team. Left fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is being examined by Boston doctors on his recent injury (left rib section). He may be placed on the DL today, so the team can bring up replacement(s) from Pawtucket for the homestand.

Welcome back to April / Spring baseball in Boston…..Tampa Bay Rays!  It’s cold and raw and drizzly. If I remember correctly, last September they experienced similar weather (but warmer) when they visited. And games had to be re-scheduled too (Double-Header) !! Hope that does not need to happen this time around.

Whether you are watching the game in the warm comfort of your living room, or with friends at a neighborhood sports bar, or at lovely Fenway Park….keep your fingers and toes crossed for some decent weather for the games this weekend. And for the bats to come back to life to support our Ace Beckett tonight.
Oh yeah, and Mr. Jason Varitek…you are oficially an old man now.  His 38th birthday was Sunday April 11th (glad your daughters came to visit).

Boston Red Sox   vs.   Tampa Bay Rays    April  16-19  (Beckett/Buchholz/Lester)

Boston Red Sox   vs.   Texas Rangers       April   20-22

Boston Red Sox   vs.   Baltimore Orioles  April  23-25

Peace, Love & Baseball

– fenway fruitgirl 2010

Mulligan…… “Do-Over”

We Win.jpg

Venturing out to Fenway Park on Friday night to watch the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Boston Red Sox on 9/11/09 did not turn out as originally-planned….

Jon Lester.jpg


James Sheilds.jpg


….And then the rain picked-up, and the drizzle turned to showers, which turned to downpours!

Not looking good. Waiting in the concourse for word from umpires…POSTPONED

There will be a Double-Header on Sunday 9/13/09 between Tampa and Boston. No longer Lester vs. Shields   now   Buchholz vs. Garza  at  12:00pm 



Garza Throw.jpg

(Great Action Shot, huh ?)  Graza was very good, but had no run support.

Dusty Hits.jpg

One of the day’s heroes:   MVP    Mr. Dustin Pedroia   (Double & HR)

Mound Meeting.jpg

Trouble for Tampa  (lost 11 in a row as of 9/14/09)  Losing Kasmir (SP) & Pena (1B) taking it’s toll on the team.

Red Sox Win  3-1  and later in the day, take game 3 and sweep the Tampa Bay Rays!


Fist Bump.jpg

– Fenway Fruitgirl    9/13/09     May The Sox Be With You . . . . .

Goodbye Trop – Hello House Of Pain



Lester Windup.jpgShort painful 2 game series with the pesky Tampa Bay Rays is over and done. I do not understand why those fans ring cowbells, do they attract Sting Rays in the ocean? Other than “OUCH” there is not very much to say about the short sweep, other than why pitchers don’t just walk Pena??? He may have the lowest batting average on the lineup right now,but he is a dangerous home run hitter…and it’s always wise to minimize damage and prevent him from hitting those homers, and driving his fellow team mates who are on base accross home base with him, right?

Lester certainly had Longoria’s number. Evan was unable to get anything done with Jon on the mound on Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday’s game and Jon Lester, it was the 5th time this year that our young LHP had 10 or more strikeouts in a game. Nice.

Young CF Jacoby Ellsbury is about to surpass his total stolen bases for 2008. He is in 2nd place in the MLB behind Carl Crawford.

Tonight’s game matchup and lineup makes me a bit queasy, but I will watch the game with a strong cocktail in my hand and grin and bear it for my team. Veteran pitcher John Smoltz takes the mound against young Yank Joba Chamberlain in the Bronx just after 7:00pm tonight with Victor Martinez scheduled to catch. It’s Martinez’s first taste of the rivalry in person. Jason Bay will not play for 2 games because of his hamstring problem.

Friday night’s game will be one of those “Gotta Watch” games of the summer, every sports bar on the East Coast will have that one on, and rightly so. Ace Josh Beckett takes the mound against A.J. Burnett, and the fireworks will begin! Go get him Josh!

Saturday night’s matchup is another queasy and uneasy game to avoid or bear on FOX with Clay “Don Knotts” Buchholz against C.C. Sabathia in the House of Pain.

It will all end-up on Sunday with a classic matchup of our horse Jon Lester taking the mound against Andy Pettitte. That game will be televised on ESPN. Should be a very good game to watch.

Then, home they go to Boston to play a 4-game homestand against the Detroit Tigers from August 10-13, then off again to Texas.