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Summer With The Red Sox (Part 1)

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Hope you are enjoying your summer so far, the baseball season is halfway over, and so is summer. The Boston Red Sox are still holding the top spot in the AL East with 2 games over the New York Yankees as of gametime today.

Today is Captain Varitek’s 1,400 th as a Red Sox player, holding the 9th all-time career standing with the Red Sox organization.  Holding the 8th spot is Rico Petrocelli with 1,553 games.

Jack rabbit center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury has 40 stolen bases, second only to Carl Crawford with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Last Sunday’s Shutout game for Josh Beckett was amazing. Under 100 pitches in 9 innings!

Check out some of my photos from the summer so far. Enjoy your summer baseball fans!

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