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August Victor Throw.jpgThe Boston Red Sox have had 52 players this season….so far, the most in the American League and only 3 behind the Pittsburgh Pirates with 55. (The Sox had 52 players last year too.) The team has used 25 pitchers so far this season, tied for the most in the American League with the Kansas City Royals.

There are currently 35 players on the Red Sox active roster: 17 pitchers,  4 catchers,  6 infielders,  7 outfielders,  1 Designated Hitter  (5 on the DL).
Tuesday night’s Sox/Orioles’ game at Fenway Park was Hideki Okajima’s 250th career MLB appearance. And our # 41 catcher Victor Martinez tops the American League for catchers with 73 RBI for the season (NL has Atlanta’s Brian McCann with the # 1 spot overall for catchers with 75 RBI so far this season). 
Hideki Okajima.jpgRed Sox 3B Adrian “The Enforcer” Beltre is only 1 shy of reaching 100 RBI this season. (He is 10th in the American League so far in 2010).
Cy Young candidate RHP for the Boston Red Sox’s Clay Buchholz is having a spectacular year on the mound. His ERA is 2.39 as of today, 3rd in MLB, 2nd in the American League. Tuesday’s game was his 9th start allowing ZERO earned runs….tied for the top spot in MLB this 2010 season !!
The 2010 is wrapping-up, and the Red Sox are currently still in the 3rd place spot in the American League East …. 8 games behind the leader (Yankees) and 6.5 games behind the Wild Card leader for the American League (Rays) with only 10 games left to be played in the 2010 regular season.
Clay's Ready.jpg 
Enjoy the remaining 10 games, for the sake of watching live baseball….cheer for your team and realize that this has been an extraordinary year of injuries and complications for the guys.
– fenway fruitgirl 2010  “BEHIND THE NET”    

Rocky Spring Training 2010

air view.jpg

So far in 2010…spring training has not exactly been outstanding for the Boston Red Sox, competitively. Most players arrived early to the training facility this winter, and are present, and appear to be very physically-fit….at least to my discerning eye. So what’s wrong with this picture ?  

Last night’s game at Hammond Stadium was unfortunately televised on both MLB tv, and NESN (delayed) as well as broadcast live on WEEI radio….too bad. It was a very poor example of a professional baseball game, on Boston’s end. Buchholz was missing his spots and making Varitek run all over the place to pick-up his poorly thrown balls. He was inconsistent, and proved to me that he is no more than a fill-in starter at best. 

The guys were all missing catches all over the field. It was a mess, and I am purging myself of the entire unpleasant outing, and moving on to bigger things.

Today’s game in Bradenton Florida will be against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and our Texas beast Josh Beckett is taking the mound…hopefully and probably to right any of last night’s wrongs. Show ’em how it’s supposed to be done in the big boy world of pro ball today Josh. 

The NY Media (ESPN) is having a good old time being critical of our efforts this spring, and our many recent losses. Maybe they do not think we are paying attention to the hate and utter ugliness they spew about my team….well, I am paying attention. They are so completely biased, it is laughable….do they even take themselves seriously ?

I know that it’s springtime on the Gulf Coast, and the games do not count, and it’s all about the at-bats, and the gametime and workouts….and bonding…and blah, blah….but seriously, I want to see a few straight wins to please my own eyes and brain…and to shut ESPN up !!

10 Exhibition games are left before Opening Night at Fenway Park on EASTER SUNDAY – so lets set a goal of more wins than losses in those 10 remaining games…OK guys ? (You know I love you, I am your cheerleader….so JUST DO IT !!)

Oh, by the way…I am very impressed with Mike Cameron’s speed and agility, and his at-bats. I also am liking Adrian Beltre’s range and speed at 3rd base, as well as Jeremy Hermida’s fielding. Crossed-fingers for Dustin Pedroia on his wrist injury.

I would say: “I can’t wait until they get up here” but, they need more time down in Fort Myers. Opening Day/Night will be here soon enough.


– fenway fruitgirl 2010