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Busy Busy Busy

With only 14 games left to the 2011 baseball season, the Boston Red Sox have to hold onto their slight lead for the Wild Card spot with a death grip. I sat in my seat at Fenway Park, facing the American League East Standings for the entire game.....the Yanks have won 90 games so far, and well, we have not. David Ortiz had a back brace on Wednesday, and it was announced that he is one of the nominees for the 2011 Roberto Clemente Award, given at the World Series by Chevrolet and the MLB. Ortiz also made an apprearance on the Good Morning America show (ABCtv) today. Slugger Kevin Youkilis has a sports hernia, among other health issues and Adrian Gonzalez was taken out of Wednesday's game for a health issue also. Josh Beckett is scheduled to start on Friday night's game against the Ray's "Big Game" Shields, so he needs to pitch, well.....like JOSH BECKETT. The Sox are still missing JD Drew and Clay Buchholz, in addition to some bullpen pitching (Bobby Jenks) and oh yes........Daisuke Matsuzaka. Health and injuries were the team's downfall in 2010, we can only hope that it will not be so for the tail end of the 2011. The postseason is in reach, so take out your lucky charms & cross those fingers Red Sox Nation. The 2012 regular season baseball schedule has been released, and I will highlight a few noteable games:


Game One:    Red Sox @ Detroit April 5th

Home Opener:     Tampa Rays @ Boston   April 13th

CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION GAME:     NY Yankees @ Boston April 20th

* * Some Interleague Play:     Phillies (road) May 18-20

Nationals (home)  June 8-10

Marlins  (home)   June 19-21   (now Miami Marlins)**

Braves  (home)  June 22-24


– fenway fruitgirl 2011 “BEHIND THE NET”


Night At Harpoon Brewery For YOUK’S HITS FOR KIDS


June 2010 004.jpgSunday evening’s very creative fundraising event held by Red Sox Slugger and 1st baseman Kevin Youkilis and his foundation had a wonderful turnout. It was a beautifully-organized adult mixer that featured (in random order) the large and lovely HARPOON BREWERY in all it’s glory – hosting tours & tastings on the Boston waterfront, entertainment by Boston’s DJ FELIX Q (Felix Quinones) and his tunes & Celtics game updates, the Boston Red Sox HARLEY DAVIDSON FATBOY presented by Jennifer Gohra & Philip Brault, a very festive live auction, followed by a great and unique silent auction (with great sports memorabilia). About 100 people filled the Seaport venue from 6-9pm Sunday night for delicious Beer and Wine along with a delicious variety of party foods.

June 2010 016.jpg 

It was a classy, fun event for grown-ups that flowed seamlessly from one event slice to the next. Some noteable guests at the event joining Kevin and his crew were: Patriots’ Tedy Bruschi, Larry Izzo, Wes Welker, Comedian/actor Mike O’Malley, Red Sox Outfielder Mike Cameron, and NESN’s Heidi Watney.   

 Silent auction items included: All Star Game merchandise, Vacation Getaways, Spa Days, Golf Outings, Game Tickets, Autographed Balls & Memorabilia, Collectable Guitar, Cleats, Patriots Jersey, Fishing Expedition, and more! Live auction items featured a party with Celtics player, Red Sox team signed jersey, a day on the set of Good Morning America, a Youkilis Meet & Greet with Sox Tickets, and a delicious Dinner Served At Home by Chef Brian Poe (Rattlesnake Restaurant).

Kevin is a gracious host and a caring individual, and it pleases me to give this event a top rating. A wonderful time was had by all attending, and I most certainly recommend this as an annual event. 

The staff at Youk’s Hits For Kids (www.youkskids.org) along with their great volunteers, the informative and friendly staff at Harpoon Brewery made the night a pleasure. 

– fenway fruitgirl  “BEHIND THE NET”  2010

June 2010 012.jpg      



May Abreau Scutaro.jpgPayback.       Game 26  –  2010    Buchholz (Sox)  vs.   Saunders (Angels)

Last night’s game was wild. Certainly more entertaining that the last match-up between the Red Sox and Angels on October 11, 2009 “Black Sunday”….

The Sox bats were swinging, and Bill Hall made himself useful…and made a liar out of me too! Lots of Homeruns & doubles…Youkilis hit his 5th HR.

I am told that the team got reamed by a furious Theo & company pregame. There were scouts, official suits & radar guns and laptops (more than usual in my section)….so changes are coming.

It was the beginning of Marine Week in Boston, and they were in full force at Fenway on Monday night, in the stands, and a group of recruits took their oath in front of the Fenway crowd pregame.

(Wednesday May 5th Nomar Garciaparra will be honored at Fenway pregame, and the Red Sox Home Base Day will take place on Friday May 7th)


May Angels Youk.jpg 

The flat screen tv’s were tuned to the Bruins & Celtics games…as Boston’s TRIFECTA unfolded for us all to see and enjoy on a beautiful night. Around the 7th inning, when the Bruins game wrapped-up, the huge screen on the electronic scoreboard replayed highlights of the playoff hockey game between innings, and the final score (3-2) for us all to cheer about. And as our game finished at Fenway, so did the Celtics game in Cleveland, and that was played on the tv’s also. It was a very exciting night for sports fans in New England to be sure.

I just want to mention how really polite the Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels were, they are really a class act……I even saw skipper Mike Soscia take BP with his team! Impressive.


Mike Soscia BP.jpgWe are still in 4th place in the AL East right now, and there is a lot of work to be done, but I just want to say that, if they play like they did last night…or close to it – we will vault to the top soon enough. Always keep a positive attitude, and have faith in the Sox.

Peace, Love & Baseball.

– fenway fruitgirl 2010






STRIKE.jpgLet me begin by paying proper homage to our most veteran active player…..Mr. Tim Wakefield.

It is possible (but not likely because of injuries & an extremely long season) that our Knuckleballer has pitched his last official start of his career on Sunday April 25, 2010.

For now, he will pitch from the bull pen. And believe me, he’s needed there…and will mess-up our opponents sufficiently after dealing with our starting pitchers’ fastballs….dealing with a slowing, sinking knuckleball mid-game, then onto Bard & Pap’s rockets afterwards.

Wake has had  1,995 Career Strikeouts  (only 5 shy of the Over 2,000 Club who’s active members are: Jamie Moyer, Javier Vazquez & Andy Pettitte).  Tim’s  189 Career Victories place him 3rd among active pitchers in the MLB…175 of them were playing for Boston-3rd in Red Sox records. Not Bad Mr. Wakefield !!

Now to the Sox Bull Pen’s Musical Chairs Saga…

Veteran pitcher Scott Atchison has been optioned to Pawtucket to make room for Fabio Castro to come up and join the team in Toronto. He will wear # 55. Best Of Luck Signor Castro.


pap.jpgJonathan Papelbon is tied for 1st place in the AL for saves. He has 275 relief appearances, only 1 shy of Ellis Kinder at 276 (4th place in Red Sox history). Maybe tonight ??

Now onto other things….

Boston is currently tied for 3rd place in the AL East, and is also in 3rd place for Homeruns in the AL. (Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox)

Current best Averages On The Boston Red Sox:  Captain Jason Varitek .379, Darnell McDonald .375, and Kevin Youkilis .372      (very nice guys)

Dustin Pedroia’s 5 Homers are tied for 8th place in the AL, and Most Ever by a Red Sox 2B in the month of April.  (Boston runs on Dustin)



Kids Day Pedroia.jpgRealistically, Sox fielding is horrendous (Bill Hall Needs To Go Away) and the Bull Pen needs to do better……..and so does our collection of Aces.

Things will get better and more consistent, it’s only April, after all.

Peace, Love & Baseball.

– fenway fruitgirl  (behind the net) 2010


hot 041.jpg 


Deep Breath, Another Season’s About To Begin


city-of-palms-entrance.jpgAwoke this morning, a bit earlier than the last, and with a springier step than the previous day. Small changes that mean nothing, when melded-together….mean everything. Spring is on our doorstep, we can almost touch it.

The boys have been down in Florida preparing for the grind of daily games in the most intense media spotlight ever seen in these parts. The 2009 season ended abruptly, and not the way it should have….so the team and their fans have a chip the size of Oregon on their shoulder after watching rival team, the zillion-dollar New York Yankees take home the World Series trophy last fall. Closer and obvious fall guy Jonathan Papelbon re-signed with the Red Sox in the offseason, and returns a humbler, more mature and focused competitor. We have a new starting shortstop Marco Scutaro, who I believe will only help the lineup, and should be a great fielder, with young Jed Lowrie still available for play time also. Ortiz showed-up to the Fort Myers Training Facility early, as did Kevin Youkilis, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jed Lowrie, and 2008 AL MVP Dustin Pedroia. They showed-up early to show eachother that they mean business, they want to win (not place or show) in 2010.


baseball.jpgVictor Martinez will get the bulk of the time behind Home Plate as lead catcher in 2010, but will rely heavily on direction from team mate Jason Varitek and coach Gary Tuck. Victor is an exceptional bat for the middle of our lineup, but does not throw too many base-stealers out, and does not call a game anywhere near what our Captain is capable of. You can check your stats on that one. But with Varitek only catching 2 of every 5 or 6 games, his strength will be preserved more effectively for the long season ahead. I watched the man play game after game, with hardly a break or day off because Kottaras’ bat was so weak, until he could no longer be effective in his at-bats in August/September of 2009. The man who was hitting home runs like crazy in Spring Training, into April/May/June (including a Grand Slam in late April at Fenway against the Yankees) was not the same man at summer’s end.

The addition of what some consider to be a third Ace in John Lackey, was one of the biggest offseason stories. Lackey has power, and came to Boston to win a championship….and will hopefully be just the addition needed to get us over the large hump and into the final stretch of the post season. You can never have too much pitching. Just ask Theo, he’ll tell you. I am sure that Clay Buchholz was not pleased at the addition of Lackey to the pitching staff, because he felt that he put his time in, and deserved to be lit-up at last. Let’s not forget our very expensive import, Japan’s MVP of the WBC….Mr. Daisuke Matsuzaka….who also needs a spot in the rotation. And oddly enough (and surprising to me) the front office decided to offer a pitching spot to returning veteran Tim Wakefield.

There is lots of talk of young Casey Kelly, the addition of Boof Bonser to the pen and another Ramon Ramirez !! Can’t wait to watch the guys throw for myself. Reliable lefty Hideki Okajima also returned to the team with a contract this offseason. Wagner and Saito are gone, both to the Atlanta Braves. Just hope there’s enough pitching in that pen to last us through a whole season. Any way we can buy-back Justin Masterson ? Young Daniel Bard should be quite effective as a setup guy in the 8th, or as an alternate closer when Papelbon has a night off.

Young Jacoby Ellsbury will become our LF guy, as Mike Siverman predicted in his Boston Herald article way back in late November/early December of 2009. Jason Bay left us for more money from the NY Mets, so we are left with a need that Jack-Rabbit Jacoby will fill at LF, and his previous position of CF will be played by veteran newcomer Mike Cameron. I am not sure if I agree with that move, because Ellsbury was so quick and limber, and jumped and stretched and caught almost everything that was thrown near him in that huge outfield in 2009. How will an aging Cameron do ?  J.D. Drew will return in RF, and be a reliable bat in our lineup once again. I welcome young Jeremy Hermida as a utility outfielder, and effective bat.

2009 3B Mike Lowell is being replaced on an everyday basis by Adrian Beltre. Not a popular move on Theo’s part, but we have to remain competitive, and Mike Lowell’s injuries keep him from playing everyday, whether he wants to admit it or not. Don’t get me wrong, Mikey has a great feel for the game, he is a great 3rd baseman, and an exceptional hitter who knows how to send a ball over the Monster….but he is no longer an everyday player of the caliber that we need to compete for a World Championship title in 2010. The poor guy can barely walk without limping (and he’s not the only one). Sadly, this will be the last full playing year for several of our favorite heroes in the Red Sox uniform.

They will bond as a team this month, and return to us at Fenway Park on Sunday April 4th eager, and powerful, and hungry for another great year. We will cheer, and pray for warmth, and chant as we watch them from our Blackberries, our slingboxes, our expensive HDTV hookups, Direct TV dishes, even 3D televisions !! We will collectively gather on Easter night and each night after in our dens, recreation rooms, corner bars, fancy living rooms, computer screens, backyard radios, social clubs, and everywhere people gather to be amazed and entertained by these amazing and entertaining men….who happen to be in a Red Sox uniform.


Panorama.jpgI will make my pilgrimages down to Boston to watch them play, from my little perch behind the net as often as I am able…..because I am a Red Sox fan….and can think of no better way to spend my precious time than to watch them play ball right at my toes, as I scream at the umpire and opposing players….please stop-by and say hello to me whenever you can, you will be greeted with a big smile.

– Fenway Fruitgirl  “Behind The Net” 2010


Boston vs. New York……….Dream Weekend


On a beautiful summerlike weekend in late April at beautiful Fenway Park, what more could a baseball fan ask for than a classic rivalry winner-take-all fight to the death with the two biggest teams in baseball……

The Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees

Battle lines are drawn, ticket lines are long, and the fans on both sides are rabid for blood. Some say the season officially starts now…..when David meets Goliath (a half billion dollar Goliath). It brings us not only to Fenway, but to our radios, computers, television sets and sports bars to soak-up every evil minute of guilty pleasure……actually hoping for bodily harm to happen to your foe’s best player. It’s lights-out attitudes and playoff-caliber intensity on both sides that gives the fans something to scream about until their voices are completely horse by Monday morning.

I smile as I write this because it is Monday, and I already know the outcome of all three games. I make no apologies that my team won. The Boston Red Sox not only won Friday night’s game, but Saturday night’s slugfest in extra innings, and even Sunday night’s final blow in front of a national audience on ESPN. It was a media circus at Fenway Park this weekend, but they got what they came for….a great set of games that ended with the best team taking all three games.

So many highlights, to name a few:

Jason Varitek’s Grand Slam on Saturday Night to really get the ball game going after a fairly stagnant start for the Sox. Seemed like that was what was needed to get the boys hitting, all the way into the extra innings !!

Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay…..man, are we lucky that they play for us!! Take your time Dustin and Papi, they got you covered.

Damon lost his smirk when he smacked into the Green Monster, and stayed out of most of Sunday’s game.

Mark Teixiera learned what almost 39,000 people booing sound like. The $180 million dollar man was not stellar in his debut as a Yankee at Fenway. What was the buzz for him about ?

Oh yeah, a kid named Jacoby Ellsbury finally hit a homerun, then STOLE  HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All – in – all it was a great weekend series for baseball, especially for Sox fans. Go Sox !!

May The Sox Be With You.

(Do not send any sox-hating comments…I appreciate the athletic abilities of all good players.)



Sox vs. World Champs

Ellsbury smiles.jpg


Sunday  March 22, 2009     Boston Red Sox   vs.    Philadelphia Phillies    1:05pm 


Batting March 22.jpg

Another sunny warm day in Florida. I’m nursing a mean sunburn from Friday’s game. Got to the park early today and had breakfast watching the morning warmups. Then I took a ballpark tour. John Henry’s suite is nice and all, but I would rather watch a game down in the dugout where I can actually see it. Up in a bird’s nest way up high, you may as well watch it on tv. By the way, he has lots of them up there in his suite. I sat in Jerry Remy’s chair to catch a similar view, then went over to the press room where I met Alex Speier (I hope I spelled that right). He told me Beckett was pitching, and I almost kissed him!! So then I went down to tour the dugouts and field and practice fields, and I literally ran into Brian Daubach in full Camo baseball gear. He was in town with his team from Nashua NH and some celebs to play a 7-inning game with the Sox for charity. I peeked in to see the catchers warming-up (Varitek,Brown and Kottaras) but the mean old guys in security wouldn’t let me stay long. On the way out of there, I passed Wakefield, Lester (who is very tan and has a new goatee), Papelbon and Buchholz going in to practice and play. Not being allowed to tour the locker room, I sadly walked over to my dugout seats and watched BP for both teams. I briefly met Chris Carter and Dusty Brown (BIG blue eyes) while watching Youkilis swing. By the way, Youk did great – no pain.

The Sox were great. Josh pitched and Tek caught…..what more could anyone ask for on a warm Sunday afternoon? The Red Sox wore their Home Whites in the game, they will only do that one more time against the Twins on Saturday March 28th. I was a bit disappointed that Shane Victorino did not play for the Phillies. At games end, we won  3 to 0.

The 2007 World Champions shut out the  2008 World Champions !!

I really have to give a shout out to the Phillies fans, they were a really classy bunch.

Another attendance record broken, another sellout !!  John Henry must be very pleased.

Enjoy the photos.  And a big hello to Sean McAdam. 


Catchers March 22.jpg