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Goodbye Trop – Hello House Of Pain



Lester Windup.jpgShort painful 2 game series with the pesky Tampa Bay Rays is over and done. I do not understand why those fans ring cowbells, do they attract Sting Rays in the ocean? Other than “OUCH” there is not very much to say about the short sweep, other than why pitchers don’t just walk Pena??? He may have the lowest batting average on the lineup right now,but he is a dangerous home run hitter…and it’s always wise to minimize damage and prevent him from hitting those homers, and driving his fellow team mates who are on base accross home base with him, right?

Lester certainly had Longoria’s number. Evan was unable to get anything done with Jon on the mound on Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday’s game and Jon Lester, it was the 5th time this year that our young LHP had 10 or more strikeouts in a game. Nice.

Young CF Jacoby Ellsbury is about to surpass his total stolen bases for 2008. He is in 2nd place in the MLB behind Carl Crawford.

Tonight’s game matchup and lineup makes me a bit queasy, but I will watch the game with a strong cocktail in my hand and grin and bear it for my team. Veteran pitcher John Smoltz takes the mound against young Yank Joba Chamberlain in the Bronx just after 7:00pm tonight with Victor Martinez scheduled to catch. It’s Martinez’s first taste of the rivalry in person. Jason Bay will not play for 2 games because of his hamstring problem.

Friday night’s game will be one of those “Gotta Watch” games of the summer, every sports bar on the East Coast will have that one on, and rightly so. Ace Josh Beckett takes the mound against A.J. Burnett, and the fireworks will begin! Go get him Josh!

Saturday night’s matchup is another queasy and uneasy game to avoid or bear on FOX with Clay “Don Knotts” Buchholz against C.C. Sabathia in the House of Pain.

It will all end-up on Sunday with a classic matchup of our horse Jon Lester taking the mound against Andy Pettitte. That game will be televised on ESPN. Should be a very good game to watch.

Then, home they go to Boston to play a 4-game homestand against the Detroit Tigers from August 10-13, then off again to Texas.



Pitching And Catching Preseason

Florida 045.jpgI was in an extreme state of Nirvana in Florida for the past week,using my time there very wisely observing Boston Red Sox pitching and catching,as well as Batting Practices. I think I actually made it to the field before the players and coaches did.

Morning (2).jpg

OK,so my favorite subject in baseball,especially Red Sox baseball is PITCHING. And after making so many field observations, and speaking to some pitchers and coaches, I will share my Preseason Pitching Ponderings with you. I am fairly straightforward on this subject,and realize that this is a very touchy subject…..and everyone has their favorites – but here goes.

Clay Buchholz started as a bright light, that eventually partially fades in order to join the masses. He is newly buff,and confident and steady, now that’s important!! He is calmer on the mound,and is learning to trust Varitek’s calls more. He wants to be successful this time around, so he is working hard. I still believe in my gut that they are putting him out there to be seen (“Highlighted”) to use him in a trade sometime this year. Clay’s not stupid,he knows it too. Whatever happens,as he ages,he will gain the experience he needs to succeed.

Justin Masterson is a SUPERSTAR. He is the Future Horse of the Boston Red Sox, no question. He is strong and well-grounded, a real clubhouse guy. He will pay his dues and go wherever they want him, starting or bullpen, because he knows it will pay-off in the end. The kid is so powerful, and has so much time to hone his skills and take his aggression down a few steps. I look forward to seeing him pitch for many years to come, and there should be a fat paycheck soon for that boy. I still remember seeing him stare-down A-Rod in September.

Daniel Bard is a lanky kid with a spitfire fastball that you can’t even see!! And it’s consistent too, he will go down to the minors to work hard and put his time in,and I think that they will be using him a bit at Fenway this summer too. The kid has great stuff, very exciting to watch.

Junichi Tazawa is a phenom, a gifted boy that will learn to control his arm and hit his spots in the minors this year. I think he may have been dissappointed to be sent down, but we are so loaded with pitching,we can afford to take our time to get these kids game-ready.

Michael Bowden is an intense power pitcher that has been great as a starter in the minors,but may be used in the Sox bullpen before year’s end. He, like Masterson needs to control the aggression impulse and take things more calmly. He will be extremely valuable.

I cannot speak of pitchers without mentioning my elation of personally observing the gifts that both of our new veteran pitchers on my happy list have to give to us as fans. Watching Takashi Saito pitch in last Friday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates was a thrill. The man has some very powerful stuff, and is very healthy and ready to go. I have no doubt that he will be instrumental to us earning a top spot in the AL East in 2009.

And Brad Penny, my other top pick will be another strong addition to the Red Sox starting lineup. What a powerhouse arm, I find myself worrying that he may dislocate something in his pitches!! If he can stay healthy, it will not only be a great year for him, but for our Red Sox.

As always, I enjoyed watching the funky throws of Okajima and Lopez, and it’s a religious experience watching Beckett and Lester throw lights-out stuff. Our Captain surely has his workload full this year wrangling all these studs and colts together to create a winning season. (And I predict that John Smoltz will be quite a handful.) 

This year will prove to be a thrilling grind for players and fans alike, so enjoy!!!! 

May the Sox be with you all.




Florida 023.jpg 

After A Long Winter’s Nap

BOYS (2).jpg

Lots of new additions to the army this year.  Extra work for Farrell and Tek to fit in before opening day to get all those different arms in top playing shape to compete. Some big city papers and online articles are calling my boys “The Walking Wounded”.  Maybe so, but that just shows the confidence that the front office and team have in the 2009 additions, and returning injured of 2008.  As long as they have backups for the players when they get injured, they are OK.  J D Drew is an incredible hitter and outfielder, but may not play everyday because of his back. Jacoby Ellsbury is not used to playing a full season, and no longer has Coco to back him up. Rocco Baldelli will be a good fill-in or replacement for them when needed, and has a great arm. Mikey Lowell has not yet run down at Spring Training, so he is cautiously optimistic of having a healthy year, and we do not have Mark Kotsay to fill in yet until at least May. Smoltz will be added to the rotation in June, and Penney and Saito look to be good additions to watch. I hope to see more of Michael Bowden this summer, he has a steady powerful arm and does not waiver. I think that even if one or two of our guys get injured, there is enough backup to be stellar throughout the season. So, don’t be angry at the people who say “Walking Wounded” to our Sox, because flying under the radar has it’s advantages. Enjoy the warm Florida sun boys, because soon you’ll be SHIPPING ON UP TO BOSTON !  Go Sox !


May The SOX Be With You.