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Sox vs. World Champs

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Sunday  March 22, 2009     Boston Red Sox   vs.    Philadelphia Phillies    1:05pm 


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Another sunny warm day in Florida. I’m nursing a mean sunburn from Friday’s game. Got to the park early today and had breakfast watching the morning warmups. Then I took a ballpark tour. John Henry’s suite is nice and all, but I would rather watch a game down in the dugout where I can actually see it. Up in a bird’s nest way up high, you may as well watch it on tv. By the way, he has lots of them up there in his suite. I sat in Jerry Remy’s chair to catch a similar view, then went over to the press room where I met Alex Speier (I hope I spelled that right). He told me Beckett was pitching, and I almost kissed him!! So then I went down to tour the dugouts and field and practice fields, and I literally ran into Brian Daubach in full Camo baseball gear. He was in town with his team from Nashua NH and some celebs to play a 7-inning game with the Sox for charity. I peeked in to see the catchers warming-up (Varitek,Brown and Kottaras) but the mean old guys in security wouldn’t let me stay long. On the way out of there, I passed Wakefield, Lester (who is very tan and has a new goatee), Papelbon and Buchholz going in to practice and play. Not being allowed to tour the locker room, I sadly walked over to my dugout seats and watched BP for both teams. I briefly met Chris Carter and Dusty Brown (BIG blue eyes) while watching Youkilis swing. By the way, Youk did great – no pain.

The Sox were great. Josh pitched and Tek caught…..what more could anyone ask for on a warm Sunday afternoon? The Red Sox wore their Home Whites in the game, they will only do that one more time against the Twins on Saturday March 28th. I was a bit disappointed that Shane Victorino did not play for the Phillies. At games end, we won  3 to 0.

The 2007 World Champions shut out the  2008 World Champions !!

I really have to give a shout out to the Phillies fans, they were a really classy bunch.

Another attendance record broken, another sellout !!  John Henry must be very pleased.

Enjoy the photos.  And a big hello to Sean McAdam. 


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