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Masterson Will Be Missed


Boy wonder, Boston Red Sox resident preacher and bull pen ray of sunshine Justin Masterson has been traded to the Cleveland Indians on Friday July 31st.

Born in Jamaica, the tall farmboy with a rocket arm and a heart of gold did a post-trade interview with NESN Friday afternoon in Baltimore saying how sad he was to be leaving Boston and his team, but understanding that baseball is a business. He took some pride in the fact that he was traded for the likes of a player of Victor Martinez’s caliber. Masterson is known for his modesty, he has tremendous potential and is only beginning his illustrious career in the majors. I look forward to following his career as a baseball fan, and as a fan of Justin Masterson as an individual.

In my personal opinion, it was a mistake to trade our golden boy for a catcher we did not need. We had the need for pitching and shortstop players, not 1st base and catching. And the scouts for the Cleveland Indians are no dummies, they did not want Buchholz, who we tried to jam down their throats, they demanded more – they wanted Justin Masterson. Why didn’t you just say NO Theo?