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Snap Out Of It !!!!!

After playing their first five games of the 2011 regular baseball season, it is crystal-clear to fans and players alike….

the Sox are in a slump. (Big Time)
The sportsworld is watching, making excuses and jokes and diagnoses on the affliction.
And in a week that should be full of joy and unbridled anticipation, we scratch our heads and toss our hands up in frustration….hoping the losing streak ends before the boys hit home soil.
You see, Fenway Park turns 99 years old this month, and that’s a really big deal in these parts. It makes her the Grand Old Lady of baseball, and she has been prettied-up for the occasion too. Ownership has invested big bucks this offseason to lay down a new smooth floor in the grand concourse, added new seating to replace some sections, new food choices for the finicky visitor and uptown crowd, and of course, added new cupholders!
Why lobster rolls and sushi had to be added to a blue-collar ballpark, is beyond me. Did they take a survey of fans from Nantucket, or Newton or Marblehead and leave the rest of us out of it? (maybe so) One truly miraculous and wonderous thing did change…..they will serve liquor at the park this season, and for that, I am truly grateful. (especially on the days they are losing)
Enough sarcasm and silliness, we must all wake up from this NIGHTMARE. It is no longer Spring Training (another horror show) and it’s time to start pitching, hitting and catching the ball like the big boys do. Plain and simple. Act like your jobs depend on it, because in many cases, it does!
“Maybe they’re homesick…”   and  “Dr.Evil stole their Mojo”  are cute, but no longer funny to this girl. I want to see the guys talk with their bats, and make their opponents cry.
Perhaps the green walls of the park is the power force needed to get them started, or maybe the fans do the trick…..I’m not sure who’s been sneaking KRYPTONITE into the visitor’s clubhouse in Arlington Texas and Cleveland Ohio, but……
SNAP  OUT  OF  IT !!!!!!!
– fenway fruitgirl  2011  “BEHIND THE NET”

Musical Chairs 101

Adrian is not a name you hear every day, yet this week…the Boston Red Sox have lost one Adrian, and gained another. 


Wake To VMart.jpgWe are amid an offseason full of drama, intrigue…..and a boatload of cash being spent. 

Preparing for the 2011 Major & Minor league baseball season is certainly no joke. The “best” players are demanding serious money and some real long-term commitments for the use of their abilities on the field. The better the ability, the higher the pricetag.
When your fiercest competitors get wind that your team office is in need of a player to become an important piece in your lineup and a threat to them on the field next season and beyond, then they suddenly want that same player….at all costs! Driving-up your offer in the process just to make things more fun, adds the necessary intrigue. This kind of “cat and mouse” business play can easily bankrupt smaller teams, and turn others that try to stay in the game…into “non-contenders” if they do not wisely and frugally stick to their Needs List. 
Pride and bravado have no place in the business world. And if you think that Baseball and the entire Sports World is not a business…you are very wrong. General Managers have many things to consider (year-round) in selecting which players will play on their field in April. Quite a bit of analysis goes into the selection of each position’s player prior to the “Offer” being made. Scouting reports, age, personal & medical history, all must be considered prior to talks of money & contract time.
Something that must never be ignored (something many GM’s have yet to learn) is “What will the fans think?”  No one should forget who puts up the money to fill those ballparks and watch their players all Spring & Summer…….not only ticket sales, but massive expenditures on food & beverage on gameday, parking (for those ballparks who provide parking) and tours, and souveniers and all types of player jerseys & memorabilia. Just a small core of veteran favorites can severely-impact game sales & player-related expenditures in any given season. It will be extremely interesting to watch baseball team giants like the Red Sox and Yankees when their veteran players retire. (Ortiz, Wakefield, Varitek, Jeter, Rivera,etc…)
WS Beltre Growls.jpgMoney does make the world go around, and even though Baseball is our national pastime, money dictates who will play where in our beloved game of baseball.
All-Star, Silver Slugging Adrian Beltre was hopeful to return to the Red Sox organization, but the Boston front office decided to go in a different direction. Instead of giving a proven 100+ RBI slugger a 4 year deal to return, they spent 3 times more money to get a younger NL slugger in Adrian Gonzalez from the San Diego Padres for 8 years. Adrian cannot play right now because he just had surgery and may not even start Spring Training on time with his new team mates. Hopefully, he will be a strong and productive player for the VERY LONG 8 years that he will play for us in Boston.
Martinez Next.jpg 
The Hot Stove season is certainly not over, and the Managers’ Meetings continue in lovely Lake Buena Vista Florida. There will be additional moves made, and money will be shuffled-around – and when the offseason is done, just like in Musical Chairs…….most major league ball players will have their seats when the music stops.
Play Ball !!!
– fenway fruitgirl 2010   “BEHIND THE NET”