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Night At Harpoon Brewery For YOUK’S HITS FOR KIDS


June 2010 004.jpgSunday evening’s very creative fundraising event held by Red Sox Slugger and 1st baseman Kevin Youkilis and his foundation had a wonderful turnout. It was a beautifully-organized adult mixer that featured (in random order) the large and lovely HARPOON BREWERY in all it’s glory – hosting tours & tastings on the Boston waterfront, entertainment by Boston’s DJ FELIX Q (Felix Quinones) and his tunes & Celtics game updates, the Boston Red Sox HARLEY DAVIDSON FATBOY presented by Jennifer Gohra & Philip Brault, a very festive live auction, followed by a great and unique silent auction (with great sports memorabilia). About 100 people filled the Seaport venue from 6-9pm Sunday night for delicious Beer and Wine along with a delicious variety of party foods.

June 2010 016.jpg 

It was a classy, fun event for grown-ups that flowed seamlessly from one event slice to the next. Some noteable guests at the event joining Kevin and his crew were: Patriots’ Tedy Bruschi, Larry Izzo, Wes Welker, Comedian/actor Mike O’Malley, Red Sox Outfielder Mike Cameron, and NESN’s Heidi Watney.   

 Silent auction items included: All Star Game merchandise, Vacation Getaways, Spa Days, Golf Outings, Game Tickets, Autographed Balls & Memorabilia, Collectable Guitar, Cleats, Patriots Jersey, Fishing Expedition, and more! Live auction items featured a party with Celtics player, Red Sox team signed jersey, a day on the set of Good Morning America, a Youkilis Meet & Greet with Sox Tickets, and a delicious Dinner Served At Home by Chef Brian Poe (Rattlesnake Restaurant).

Kevin is a gracious host and a caring individual, and it pleases me to give this event a top rating. A wonderful time was had by all attending, and I most certainly recommend this as an annual event. 

The staff at Youk’s Hits For Kids (www.youkskids.org) along with their great volunteers, the informative and friendly staff at Harpoon Brewery made the night a pleasure. 

– fenway fruitgirl  “BEHIND THE NET”  2010

June 2010 012.jpg      




May Abreau Scutaro.jpgPayback.       Game 26  –  2010    Buchholz (Sox)  vs.   Saunders (Angels)

Last night’s game was wild. Certainly more entertaining that the last match-up between the Red Sox and Angels on October 11, 2009 “Black Sunday”….

The Sox bats were swinging, and Bill Hall made himself useful…and made a liar out of me too! Lots of Homeruns & doubles…Youkilis hit his 5th HR.

I am told that the team got reamed by a furious Theo & company pregame. There were scouts, official suits & radar guns and laptops (more than usual in my section)….so changes are coming.

It was the beginning of Marine Week in Boston, and they were in full force at Fenway on Monday night, in the stands, and a group of recruits took their oath in front of the Fenway crowd pregame.

(Wednesday May 5th Nomar Garciaparra will be honored at Fenway pregame, and the Red Sox Home Base Day will take place on Friday May 7th)


May Angels Youk.jpg 

The flat screen tv’s were tuned to the Bruins & Celtics games…as Boston’s TRIFECTA unfolded for us all to see and enjoy on a beautiful night. Around the 7th inning, when the Bruins game wrapped-up, the huge screen on the electronic scoreboard replayed highlights of the playoff hockey game between innings, and the final score (3-2) for us all to cheer about. And as our game finished at Fenway, so did the Celtics game in Cleveland, and that was played on the tv’s also. It was a very exciting night for sports fans in New England to be sure.

I just want to mention how really polite the Los Angeles/Anaheim Angels were, they are really a class act……I even saw skipper Mike Soscia take BP with his team! Impressive.


Mike Soscia BP.jpgWe are still in 4th place in the AL East right now, and there is a lot of work to be done, but I just want to say that, if they play like they did last night…or close to it – we will vault to the top soon enough. Always keep a positive attitude, and have faith in the Sox.

Peace, Love & Baseball.

– fenway fruitgirl 2010