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Opening Day 134.jpgMaybe it was a “Pep Talk” given by Francona in the privacy of the clubhouse, or Curt Young’s finally bonding with his pitching starters…or maybe the guys just finally CLICKED together, not sure which…..but glad it happened !! The bats are waking-up too, so the little voice in my brain is shouting: LOOK-OUT MLB (the Sox are armed and dangerous)

The boys are back on the east coast for the last leg of their 2nd roadtrip of the season. The Red Sox will take on a stronger-than usual Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday for a 3-games series with Clay Buchholz starting-off on Tuesday, then Josh Beckett on Wednesday, and Jon Lester on Thursday night before returning to Boston.
Both John Lackey and Daisuke Matsuzaka have had great and extremely timely shutout wins this weekend against the Los Angeles Angels. The Red Sox are now in 3rd place in the vicious American League East. After a historically rough start, and the loss of the excessive dead weight of the thousands of bandwagon fans jumping ship for other sports…baseball in Beantown will heat-up and get competitive for the season.
With only 7 errors for the 21-game season so far, the Boston Red Sox top the Major Leagues, for the BEST RECORD with the fewest – tied with the Milwaukee Brewers. Whilest some bats still need to wake-up (and you know who you are), the potential for a monster season seems more realistic now, than it did at the beginning series of the month. (Cudos to the guys, and very glad to see it.)
Yankees 158.jpgJonathan Papelbon is now tied for 3rd in the American League with 5 saves so far this season. And super-hitter Jed Lowrie is 2nd in the AL East (behind Nick Swisher – NYY) against lefties. Jed has hit safely in 11 of his last 12 contests. Jackrabbit Jacoby Ellsbury now has 141 STOLEN BASES tied with Heinie Wagner for  4th  on Red Sox All-Time list. Yaz is 3rd on that list at 168.*
141 games are left in the 2011 regular season, so BUCKLE-UP, it’s going to be a Wild Ride !!
– fenway fruitgirl 2011  “BEHIND THE NET”
R.I.P. Terry White (miss you)

10-Day Homestand

target field.jpg

After a tough game yesterday in Minneapolis, the Sox came home last night to cold, raw temps and the possibility of rain and snow for Friday night’s game.  What would’ve been a 190th win for veteran pitcher Tim Wakefield, in his 16th year in the major leagues….turned-out to be a shutout win for the Twins, and a disaster for the Sox.

Center fielder Mike Cameron had to go to the hospital in Minnesota for an abdominal strain & did not travel home with the team. Left fielder Jacoby Ellsbury is being examined by Boston doctors on his recent injury (left rib section). He may be placed on the DL today, so the team can bring up replacement(s) from Pawtucket for the homestand.

Welcome back to April / Spring baseball in Boston…..Tampa Bay Rays!  It’s cold and raw and drizzly. If I remember correctly, last September they experienced similar weather (but warmer) when they visited. And games had to be re-scheduled too (Double-Header) !! Hope that does not need to happen this time around.

Whether you are watching the game in the warm comfort of your living room, or with friends at a neighborhood sports bar, or at lovely Fenway Park….keep your fingers and toes crossed for some decent weather for the games this weekend. And for the bats to come back to life to support our Ace Beckett tonight.
Oh yeah, and Mr. Jason Varitek…you are oficially an old man now.  His 38th birthday was Sunday April 11th (glad your daughters came to visit).

Boston Red Sox   vs.   Tampa Bay Rays    April  16-19  (Beckett/Buchholz/Lester)

Boston Red Sox   vs.   Texas Rangers       April   20-22

Boston Red Sox   vs.   Baltimore Orioles  April  23-25

Peace, Love & Baseball

– fenway fruitgirl 2010

Friday Night At Fenway




It was a glorious warm night with no wind, and a great sunset over the beautiful green Oasis of Fenway Park. (Once I finally got there through the horrid slow-moving traffic all the way back to the ramp on 93 !!) It was almost like an early June night, instead of one in mid April. I was ready to watch my Sox battle the Batimore Orioles and begin their journey to get back on track.


Fenway2009 069.jpg

The boys started off slow, falling behind early with a 7 to 1 score. The Red Bull must have kicked-in, and they settled-in for a fight that would last all night. Brad Penny was having an “Off” game tonight. It was his first game starting at Fenway Park for the Sox, so it would be wrong to be hard on the man. On came Manny DelCarmen, who was having a good night, then Okie and Pap. We caught up to the Orioles by mid-game and fought to keep that lead….and triumphed in spectacular Papelbon fashion. Boston was working it’s way back up the AL East standings ladder.


Fenway2009 062.jpgBefore game start, I went for a walk and decided not to be my usual quiet smiling self, and ask for what I wanted. So I took the elevator, stairs and ramps up as far as I could possibly go in the Fenway “Nest”…..taking photos all the way. I wanted a really good shot of the park (was severely handicapped by my digital camera with NO   WIDE   ANGLE   LENS
 )  but had fun anyways.  I went almost everywhere I wanted in search for my money shot. Some old-timer let me stand on his seat in the Pavillion Club seating to get the right angle. It was a blast, but my feet were killing me and I was dead-thirsty by the time I got way back down to my seat to watch the game.

Enjoy the shots.  (By the way, Sox won  10-8)