1st Annual RUN FOR HOME BASE (Fenway Park)

May 2010 238.jpg

On a simply beautiful Sunday morning at Fenway Park, the Red Sox Foundation presented the very first annual RUN FOR HOME BASE 9K race May 23, 2010.

(What started-out as foggy, then slightly humid, them partly cloudy, then sunshiney…..)
After an early 5am start for the volunteers this morning, Fenway later opened it’s gates to the public to view the race & cheer-on all the racers. The event had the calm and happy mood of a street fair….happy families everywhere. People were enjoying the morning with friends, kids playing in the game area, posing with Wally or getting faces painted, or balloon animals made for them….or simply relaxing with refreshing snacks while viewing the 2004 & 2007 World Series Trophies near the bleachers. After the race was finished, attendees could walk the entire track around the park and view the scoreboard, the Green Monster, and the dugouts at a leisurely Sunday pace.
May 2010 222.jpg
The well-organized event was sponsored by the Red Sox Foundation, Massachusetts General Hospital, New Balance, The Boston Globe, BAE Systems, Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill, NESN, WAAF Radio (97.7/107.3) & Picerne Military Housing.  
For Information on the Home Base Program, contact:    homebaseprogram@partners.org  or call:  (617) 724-5202
May 2010 228.jpg
Hope to see you all there again next year!
2,033 racers finished the race on  5/23/10  at Fenway Park (official Red Sox tally)
Mrs. David Ortiz  finished number  1151
Mrs. Dustin Pedroia  finished  number   1233
Terry Francona’s Son  finished  number  483
Rafe Anderson  (Sawxheads.com Honcho)  finished  number  969
May 2010 233.jpg
Excellent finishes !!   (over $ 2 Million Raised)  *special thanks to the Red Sox Foundation for all that they do.*
– fenway fruitgirl  (BEHIND THE NET) 2010
May 2010 221.jpg

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