The 2010 Baseball season has officially begun, and is being celebrated, criticized and speculated nation-wide. The president threw out the first pitch for the NL Champion Phillies yesterday when they played the Washington Nationals in Arlington Virginia, and on Easter, the official 2010 baseball season was launched by a Sunday night game between two of the game’s biggest rivals – the World Champion New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

It was dark when gametime arrived, so the crowd (and tv audience) could not even see the F-16 military jets that flew-in from Vermont for the Opening festivities. All I could see were the flames omitted from the back of the jets after they passed. I did really enjoy the beautiful fireworks display after the Star Spangled Banner was sung. 

A strange speech was had by the dugout area and right field crowd by an intense 5 year old boy that had memorized the speech from Kurt Russell’s movie about the US Olympic Hockey Team. It had Buchholz, Matsuzaka and the other players amused and a bit shocked to have this child spouting “screw-’em” to the Yankees in the unorthodox display of a pep talk to his team.

The front office certainly pulled-out all the stops for this most-watched night. (NESN) Nationally-televised with no other baseball games on to compete with….Fenway paraded-in a surprise of the great Pedro Martinez to throw out the first pitch (to the Captain) and a cameo with Johnny Pesky pregame.  A great Dig to the opposing Yankees because Pedro’s “Who’s Your Daddy” incidents from back in 2004 infuriated the Big Apple fans and media, creating more hatred and an even bigger rivalry than before…and adding to this slap in the face…he pitched to our Captain Varitek (who socked Yankee boy wonder Alex Rodriguez at Fenway in 2004) sparking the fuse that eventually led to the Evil Empire’s downfall that blessed year…and to the Red Sox eventual World Championship.

Rock legend Steve Tyler appeared later on in the game to sing God Bless America with his daughter, and then they pulled-out the big guns!  Brooklyn-born Neil Diamond was introduced to the roaring crowd to sing, in an appropriate RED SOX hat, the beloved Red Sox crowd’s favorite tune SWEET CAROLINE. (It was amazing.)

It was a media circus to say the least, but MLB knew they were asking for it when they asked Boston’s Fenway Park to host Opening Night against the newly crowned World Champions….nuf ced.

Fall 2008 (39).jpgFall 2008 (39).jpg
Aside from the sideshow craziness, the game was quite good. The Sox experienced a slow start, and fell behind early. Beckett was not himself confidence-wise on the mound, but luckily had backup – in spades!

Youkils, Pedroia, Cameron, Beltre, Martinez, Drew, and Scutaro all had hits that pushed us up, and eventually past the Champs to win Game One of the 2010 baseball season.  From what I could conclude by only watching the Bombers once this year, they let two heavy bats go – and that was a crucial error, that will cost them in the postseason. Play Ball ! Let the season begin…..

-Fenway Fruitgirl 2010

Bat Flag.jpg

(fireworks photo property of mlb)


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  1. redsoxfan8907

    I like this post. Good observations, very good details and analysis, and definately a very enjoyable read. I don’t see you posting on the Red Sox site, why don’t you? You would be very welcome there, and I think you would like talking about the Red Sox with some great posters! Think about it, I would really like if you would give it a try.
    As for me, I am not “Hooked on NYY”. I lost a bet with a Yankees fan and this is the price I paid. My real handle is Jake8907. Just saying this so you are not dissuaded or distracted by my name when you’re thinking about coming on the Red Sox site as a regular poster. Thanks!

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