Goodbye Trop – Hello House Of Pain



Lester Windup.jpgShort painful 2 game series with the pesky Tampa Bay Rays is over and done. I do not understand why those fans ring cowbells, do they attract Sting Rays in the ocean? Other than “OUCH” there is not very much to say about the short sweep, other than why pitchers don’t just walk Pena??? He may have the lowest batting average on the lineup right now,but he is a dangerous home run hitter…and it’s always wise to minimize damage and prevent him from hitting those homers, and driving his fellow team mates who are on base accross home base with him, right?

Lester certainly had Longoria’s number. Evan was unable to get anything done with Jon on the mound on Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday’s game and Jon Lester, it was the 5th time this year that our young LHP had 10 or more strikeouts in a game. Nice.

Young CF Jacoby Ellsbury is about to surpass his total stolen bases for 2008. He is in 2nd place in the MLB behind Carl Crawford.

Tonight’s game matchup and lineup makes me a bit queasy, but I will watch the game with a strong cocktail in my hand and grin and bear it for my team. Veteran pitcher John Smoltz takes the mound against young Yank Joba Chamberlain in the Bronx just after 7:00pm tonight with Victor Martinez scheduled to catch. It’s Martinez’s first taste of the rivalry in person. Jason Bay will not play for 2 games because of his hamstring problem.

Friday night’s game will be one of those “Gotta Watch” games of the summer, every sports bar on the East Coast will have that one on, and rightly so. Ace Josh Beckett takes the mound against A.J. Burnett, and the fireworks will begin! Go get him Josh!

Saturday night’s matchup is another queasy and uneasy game to avoid or bear on FOX with Clay “Don Knotts” Buchholz against C.C. Sabathia in the House of Pain.

It will all end-up on Sunday with a classic matchup of our horse Jon Lester taking the mound against Andy Pettitte. That game will be televised on ESPN. Should be a very good game to watch.

Then, home they go to Boston to play a 4-game homestand against the Detroit Tigers from August 10-13, then off again to Texas.



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