Boston vs. New York……….Dream Weekend


On a beautiful summerlike weekend in late April at beautiful Fenway Park, what more could a baseball fan ask for than a classic rivalry winner-take-all fight to the death with the two biggest teams in baseball……

The Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees

Battle lines are drawn, ticket lines are long, and the fans on both sides are rabid for blood. Some say the season officially starts now…..when David meets Goliath (a half billion dollar Goliath). It brings us not only to Fenway, but to our radios, computers, television sets and sports bars to soak-up every evil minute of guilty pleasure……actually hoping for bodily harm to happen to your foe’s best player. It’s lights-out attitudes and playoff-caliber intensity on both sides that gives the fans something to scream about until their voices are completely horse by Monday morning.

I smile as I write this because it is Monday, and I already know the outcome of all three games. I make no apologies that my team won. The Boston Red Sox not only won Friday night’s game, but Saturday night’s slugfest in extra innings, and even Sunday night’s final blow in front of a national audience on ESPN. It was a media circus at Fenway Park this weekend, but they got what they came for….a great set of games that ended with the best team taking all three games.

So many highlights, to name a few:

Jason Varitek’s Grand Slam on Saturday Night to really get the ball game going after a fairly stagnant start for the Sox. Seemed like that was what was needed to get the boys hitting, all the way into the extra innings !!

Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay…, are we lucky that they play for us!! Take your time Dustin and Papi, they got you covered.

Damon lost his smirk when he smacked into the Green Monster, and stayed out of most of Sunday’s game.

Mark Teixiera learned what almost 39,000 people booing sound like. The $180 million dollar man was not stellar in his debut as a Yankee at Fenway. What was the buzz for him about ?

Oh yeah, a kid named Jacoby Ellsbury finally hit a homerun, then STOLE  HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All – in – all it was a great weekend series for baseball, especially for Sox fans. Go Sox !!

May The Sox Be With You.

(Do not send any sox-hating comments…I appreciate the athletic abilities of all good players.)




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