No “Blame It On The Rain” Video


Rain Delay.jpg

OK, So it was a 50 / 50 chance of Rain Delay vs. Game Postponement last night at Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox were scheduled to play the second part of a double-header that was supposed to start at  7:10 pm.  That was NOT going to happen. Good thing I brought my rain gear.  No way was I going to sit this one out at home and say “Oh Well….” I can get a little wet for the sake of the game, hell, I can get SOAKED for my Sox !!  If they can get dressed and go out there and play a game in the rain and cold, then I will be there to watch them do it.

I never thought I would see the day that the line for Dunkin Donuts coffee was longer than the one for beer at Fenway.  It was weird, but then again….so was watching the Boston Bruins hockey game  at Fenway on the Super Screen while waiting for our Sox game to start. I was a bit disappointed that Fenway did not air the music video that was made for rain delays by Jonathan Papelbon and Manny DelCarmen called “Blame It On The Rain”.

What I was NOT disappointed about was the performance of my team. Bailey had a great at bat with a 3-run homer that really got things going. Brad Penny was sharp, much better than Friday night’s game vs. the Orioles. We’ve got to cut the guy some slack, he only just pitched his second game at Fenway. He’s not in LA anymore, we are not a bunch of laid-back dudes that surf all day and hang in the Hollywood Hills by night…..we are up-tight, slightly stressed-out and extremely passionate Bostonians (and New Englanders).

Happy 50th Birthday to my friend Terry Francona (4/22), hope you had a good one Tito.

After Pap finished the Twins at 7-3, we officially have a 7-game winning streak going !!



On the way into Fenway, I ran into John Tomase of the Boston Herald and Comcast Sports Tonight – at the time, he thought the game was going to be postponed because the forecast was grim, but I am glad we all lucked-out. I did not want to have to pay another $30 to park again Thursday !! And my drive down is not so short either. Once again, the gods have shined their glorious light down on Fenway Park.  (Hope I spelled your name right John)


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