Opening Day 2009



Fall 2008 (33).jpg


On a clear brisk April afternoon, Boston’s boys of summer did not dissappoint in their first regular season face-off with the evil slimy (Devil) Rays of Tampa. Just looking at the closeups of the mean puss of Maddon’s staring-down into the Boston Dugout made me want to take those Drew Carey glasses and shove them down his throat. It appears that Haverhill’s own Carlos Pena got nowhere with Beckett’s rocket-powered fastballs. Longoria appeared to almost cry in one camera shot in the 6th inning. It’s called “Getting Spanked” and that is what Philadelphia did to you last fall….remember ?

Sorry, but there is no love lost here for the Rays. Coming within a win from going to a second consecutive World Series, then losing from injuries and exhaustion to an inferior team will do that to ya.

Back to the game, Pedroia appropriately scored the first run in the first inning-showing the fans that the MVP is in the house. Jason Varitek’s homerun shut those vulture media know-nothings up for the afternoon. Bay and Youk and Lowell did great…..Ortiz got on base too.

So much for “Big Game” Sheilds pulling the wool over our eyes……huh ? 

For my boys in Red, I am proud of you for what you did last year, and am happy to see you back here – where you belong. When you are working together as a team, it’s LIGHTS-OUT no contest. Keep the momentum going, you have our prayers and our adoration as your loyal fans. 

Josh, you never let me down…….Tek you are my hero.

God Bless The Red Sox.  And May The Sox Be With You All.

– fruitgirl



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