After A Long Winter’s Nap

BOYS (2).jpg

Lots of new additions to the army this year.  Extra work for Farrell and Tek to fit in before opening day to get all those different arms in top playing shape to compete. Some big city papers and online articles are calling my boys “The Walking Wounded”.  Maybe so, but that just shows the confidence that the front office and team have in the 2009 additions, and returning injured of 2008.  As long as they have backups for the players when they get injured, they are OK.  J D Drew is an incredible hitter and outfielder, but may not play everyday because of his back. Jacoby Ellsbury is not used to playing a full season, and no longer has Coco to back him up. Rocco Baldelli will be a good fill-in or replacement for them when needed, and has a great arm. Mikey Lowell has not yet run down at Spring Training, so he is cautiously optimistic of having a healthy year, and we do not have Mark Kotsay to fill in yet until at least May. Smoltz will be added to the rotation in June, and Penney and Saito look to be good additions to watch. I hope to see more of Michael Bowden this summer, he has a steady powerful arm and does not waiver. I think that even if one or two of our guys get injured, there is enough backup to be stellar throughout the season. So, don’t be angry at the people who say “Walking Wounded” to our Sox, because flying under the radar has it’s advantages. Enjoy the warm Florida sun boys, because soon you’ll be SHIPPING ON UP TO BOSTON !  Go Sox !


May The SOX Be With You. 



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