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Celebrate, all you good boys and girls of Red Sox Nation, our patience has been rewarded.  We can rejoice now that our team is complete, and our Captain is back at the helm.  What an awful offseason it has been.  Quibbling over player performance, team records, loyalty…etc.  Now we can focus on the simple things in life.  Looking forward to the first pitch at Spring Training is only a short time away, and then on a cool night in April, comes one of the best things that a baseball fan has to look forward to…..OPENING  DAY !!  

Ah, to see the bright sun setting over the puffy white clouds and the brisk wind blowing just enough to need a jacket, or sweatshirt over your well-worn Red Sox t-shirt.  Don’t forget your hat !!

I will be watching the Red Sox kick Tampa Rays butt at home on my television, or perhaps at a local sports pub.  I can almost hear the cheers of a nation right now.

Can’t wait to see my beautiful Fenway Park in person. The shades of green are bright and glorious, and make everyone happy.  Cheer-on Red Sox Nation….from your homes, pubs, tents, Fenway seats, and computers !!!!

Rejoice because our boys in Red are back together again and ready for another year of battle.  Let’s Go Red Sox ……





One comment

  1. fenns1533

    Such a beautiful place to be, isn’t it? Looking at a full roster with everyone back where they belong (Yay, ‘Tek!), and Pitchers and catchers just seven short days away… It doesn’t get much better.

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